22 mars 2015

The new Mature-Lover's Blog

Today, Mature-Lovers looks like that :

After March 23th 2015, Mature-Lovers will look like that :

Why ?

Because Mr. Blogger changed his policy !

Take a look here... It's something different...


Hello all Mature Lovers friends,

Yesterday Blogger (i.e. Google) changed his policy concerning adult content :

"Starting March 23, 2015, you won't be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger."

If your blog was created before March 23, 2015, and contains content that violates our new policy, you have a few options for changing your blog before the new policy starts:
- Remove sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video from your blog.
- Mark your blog as private."
That means the end for Mature Lovers.
Thank you for your more than 2 000 000 hits since february 2009...

Take a look here... It's something different...

25 février 2015

Saggy mature boobs & purple dress

Busty hairy redhead

Granny Fanny's Frolics lingerie 70

 Credit Fanny's Frolics

Sexy looking Pantyhose Diva posing on a stairs

Pantyhose Diva in a sexy black dress

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Pantyhose Diva in her purple lingerie

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Pantyhose Diva getting horny and touching herself

 credit Pantyhose Diva

Old maid with small tits

Pantyhose Diva posing in her black leather pants

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Gorgeous babe Pantyhose Diva is posing in her black leather pants, wearing her favorite corset and showing her great body.

Old librarian en white panties

Jan Burton en collants dans le jardin

Pantyhose Diva dressed in black outfit & leather boots

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Pantyhose Diva posing in her sexy clothing

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Small breasted mature in pink panties & denim shorts

Older neighbor plays with pink dildo

Yet another vineyard photo session of Pantyhose Diva

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Stunning looking babe, Pantyhose Diva, is posing in her vineyard, taking her purple panties off

Granny strips pink panties

SATIN JAYDE in zebra lingerie

 Credit : Satin Jayde

Pantyhose Diva in front of a swimming pool

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Granny Fanny's Frolics lingerie 64

 Credit Fanny's Frolics

Pantyhose Diva wearing her white pantyhose

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Hairy Mature in pink panties

Pantyhose Diva wearing retro clothing

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Busty mature in pink lingerie

Pantyhose Diva wearing white boots and stripping down

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

BBW mature in pink dress

Pantyhose Diva putting on some lotion

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

24 février 2015

Housewife Pantyhose Diva is revealing her body in the kitchen

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Pantyhose Diva posing on a sunny day

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Pantyhose Diva wearing leather skirt

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Perfect mature big boobs

Mature chubby maid

Granny Fanny's Frolics lingerie 65

 Credit Fanny's Frolics

Mature redhead masturbates

Chubby mature in black dress

Older housewife in yellow lingerie

Pantyhose Diva wearing her black leather corset

 Credit Pantyhose Diva

Mature topless at home

older neighbor masturbates

Mature in blue lingerie & denim

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